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ABOUT Be-Bu (Best Buddies)

"Be-Bu" Best Buddies is a leading modern automotive solution company which specializes in designing and manufacturing of unique car interiors and accessories. We are engaged in design of unconventional interiors and details, and subsequently their implementation in order to create a cohesive and mature design combined with the highest precision of performance We are car lovers who are in the business of manufacturing and designing car interiors and accessories. We approach product development from two unified viewpoints, manufacturing and use, and create innovative new products to make your car even more pleasurable to own With our advanced technologies accumulated through years of experience coupled with our sensitivity to markets, we continue to advance into new product areas by providing entirely new product concepts and lifestyles.It is this constant search for new ideas that keeps us at the forefront of the car interior and accessory market. We have all the required tools at our disposal, to make sure that the whole process of creating of a new interior takes place in one location.

It is of great importance that our entire production process is purely based on a close cooperation between interior designers and accessories manufacturing unit. We see the future of our company in further development of our design studio and workshop facilities, so that we are always ready to meet the ever growing market demand, both among the producers and the most demanding individual clients. We provide variety of rhombs, trimmings, sewing techniques, material colors create virtually unlimited possibilities for each and every vehicle. We believe in the perfection of every, even the smallest detail and their skillful combination into a harmonious whole. Trust us with transforming your car interior design into unique, exclusive space according to your vision and character. We know standard solutions and ideas are more and more often simply not good enough for the most demanding automotive enthusiasts. We would like to invite you to cooperation in creation of exceptional interiors for exceptional vehicles. We provide finishing touch to any vehicle to upgrades its interior including custom fabrication, door paneling, dashboard moulding, fitments work, security systems and so much more. We use only the best equipment because we will not compromise on quality, leading edge products and design can only help your vehicle stand out more. When you want the work done right, the first time, by the most qualified technicians, put your project in our hands and trust us because our unique research is based on cutting-edge electronics technology and our ability to utilize such leading technologies in developing a unique range of products gives us the leading edge over our competitors.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to create cutting edge projects and products at the unmatched level, maintaining high quality standards and constantly leading the market by new lifestyle innovations with pursuit of originality and deep understanding of customer needs to develop and sustain customer satisfaction.”

Our Vision

“To be the most innovative leader in automotive business intelligence solutions, generating excitement through implementing pioneering ideas, problem solving & going beyond our customers’ expectations.”

Our Machine

"Be-Bu" is a leading modern automotive solution company We approach product development from two unified viewpoints, manufacturing and use, and create innovative new products to make your car even more pleasurable to own.